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Mindsets of a Global Changemaker: Insights from VIA Social Innovation Programs

Over the past 36 years, VIA’s experiential programs have provided a launchpad and support network for thousands of university students from Asia, bringing over 200-250 Asian students to Stanford annually. VIA’s experience in guiding participants on their learning journeys has highlighted three key mindsets that are the foundation of becoming a changemaker: discovering yourself, getting creative and taking the lead. Below is a glimpse of how VIA Programs foster these key mindsets.
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VIA Kicks-off 50th Anniversary Celebration in Tokyo: Inspires “Yes, And! Mindset” at Jan 19 Social Innovation Forum

On January 19, VIA kicked off its 50th year at Keio University in Tokyo with a spectacular array of practitioners and scholars, who led  a full day of presentations and workshops on education and community engagement available to a broad … Continue reading

Strengthening Community, Strengthening Capacity

One of VIA’s 2nd-year Vietnam volunteers, Amy Baum, discusses the collaborative NGO community in Hue, Vietnam. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ One of the things I love most about living in Hue, Vietnam is the large NGO community, which is made up of both … Continue reading