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2009 ALC Session 2 Staff Bios

Kazutoh Ishida, Program Director
Brian Wang, Senior Claude Buss Fellow / Senior Stanford Host
Mia Arreola, Claude Buss Fellow / Stanford Host
John Kaniaupio
, Claude Buss Fellow / Stanford Host
Jane Lin, Claude Buss Fellow / Stanford Host
Anh Nguyet, Claude Buss Fellow / Stanford Host
Christian Ollano, Claude Buss Fellow / Stanford Host

Kazutoh Ishida: Program Director (


Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in our American Language and Culture (ALC) Program. I was an ALC participant myself in 1991 and am excited to be involved again, this time as the Program Director. My participation in ALC not only enabled me to learn about the diverse culture of the United States, but it also broadened my perspective about Asia, including my home country Japan. The program also enabled me to develop life-long lasting friendship. I hope your participation in our program will also give you an opportunity to change the way you view the world and also develop friendship which you can treasure for life.

In my spare time I like to listen to music, watch movies and travel. The staff and the Fellow Stanford Hosts are planning an exciting summer for you and we are looking forward to seeing you this summer at Stanford!

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Brian Wang : Senior Claude Buss Fellow/ Senior Stanford Host (



Howdy everyone!  I'm Brian Wang, a rising senior here at Stanford University majoring in Electrical Engineering and a self-described bon-vivant, hapless romantic, and resident idealist.  As a host for an absolutely out-of-this-world ALC2 2007 session, I can guarantee that you're in for an incredibly fun, memorable, and crazy four weeks that you'll remember for a long, long time.  This year I am very honored and excited to be returning as the senior host, and am truly VERY, VERY EXCITED to meet you all very soon!

So... a bit about myself follows.  I was born 王小為 in Zhengzhou, China, but have been raised since the age of six in the American Heartland and South.  As such, I can speak Mandarin Chinese (but don't laugh at my "mainlander" accent!), a variety of American accents (so yes, I can do a pretty genuine Southern accent), a little French, and what little Japanese I have learned since taking courses here at Stanford.  So along with some of my fellow hosts, I am also endlessly fascinated with other languages, traditions, and cultures - as a matter of fact, can anyone from the Kansai Region this year teach me some Kansai-ben?  I'd love to learn.

In my spare time I can usually be found enjoying good literature, film, all sorts of music, mentoring, reading/editing Wikipedia, and a rousing round of often pointless intellectual debate with good friends.  I enjoy a rather eclectic set of interests, so feel free to come and talk to me endlessly about the most random things!  I also love being outdoors, and absolutely adore running around campus and hiking around in the mountains.  Last but not least, I am an avid follower of European football and a huge fan of Chelsea F.C. (Blue is the Colour baby!)

Looking forward to seeing and talking with all of you SOON!

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Mia Arreola : Claude Buss Fellow/Stanford Host  (


Hi all! My name is Mia Arreola and I am a recent 2009 graduate from Stanford who majored in Human Biology with a concentration in Global Health Development. I hope that in the future I will work to improve public health in some way.

I am originally from Rancho Cucamonga, a town outside of Los Angeles in southern California. I have a big immediate family - a dad and stepmom, one sister, one older brother, two baby brothers, and an adorable American Eskimo puppy who I named Peja. I am half Mexican and half Korean and I really enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and learning about other cultures. 

I have done a bit of traveling these past four years (Mexico, Honduras, Spain, Turkey, Croatia, various countries in Asia) so feel free to ask me about crazy stories from my travels! I absolutely love basketball, both watching and playing, and I really enjoy playing volleyball and other sports as well. I love music, movies, just hanging out with friends, and FOOD! I am really excited to meet you all very soon and get the ALC program started - we are going to have a blast!  

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John Kaniaupio : Claude Buss Fellow/Stanford Host  (



Hello everyone. My name is John Kaniaupio, and I'm REALLY excited to get to know all of you and get this program started. I'm finishing up my junior year at Stanford and hope to major in Japanese and possibly Economics as well. I was born in Kaneohe, Hawaii, but moved to Kirkland, Washington when I was around 10, and from there moved here to go to school.

In general, I have a deep interest in foreign languages. I can't quite put my finger on where the interest came from, but since middle school when I first started learning Spanish, language, and, more importantly, its place in different cultural contexts has greatly intrigued me. After Spanish, I moved on to Japanese, and after taking a short trip to Japan, became even more engrossed in the culture and lead me to this awesome program. In additon to my zeal for language, I generally just love to meet new people. So please, don't be a stranger :)

When I'm not learning language (yes, I do try to teach myself on my own ... I know I'm a big nerd ;D), I like to hang out with friends (or anyone willing to hang out with me for that matter), watch movies, play video games, listen to music (I like pretty much everything), and generally just like having fun (... who doesn't). My biggest hobby is learning different styles of dance and I'd have to say that my most favorite at the moment is hip hop, though it's a pretty broad category in itself. If anyone is a dancer out there, you've got to show me your moves.

Anyway, once again I'm really looking forward to getting to know all of you. Here's to a great summer!

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Jane Lin : Claude Buss Fellow/Stanford Host (

 jane_lin Hey everyone! My name is Jane Lin and I'm a rising sophomore at Stanford thinking of majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Chinese. I'm really interested in architectural design and languages. I don't really know how these two will fit together, but I'll find a way to make sense of it. I'm originally from New York City and really really love the fast-paced environment of the city!

I'm very eager to learn about different cultures and languages. It really gives me a sense of how people have a different attitude towards the same things. In my spare time, I try to catch myself up with movies that I haven't seen, play sports, hang out with friends, and just chill. I'm really looking to this summer, meeting and learning from everyone!

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Anh Nguyet : Claude Buss Fellow/Stanford Host

 anh_nguyet Greetings and salutations! My name is Anh Nguyet Vu, and I am a rising junior and Human Biology major here at Stanford. I’m a current resident of Southern California, but I originally came to the U.S. as an immigrant from Vietnam when I was eight years old. In my free time I love to read mostly science fiction, play tennis, volunteer for various causes, take photos, write poetry and creative fiction (some of which is not all that good, admittedly), and watch movies and make fun videos with friends. I also like to do “experimental baking,” often with dubious results...

I appreciate many different things about the different parts of Asia. I follow some anime, my biggest love being the old classic Doraemon series that first led me to become fascinated with Japanese culture. And when it comes to Chinese culture, I adore Stephen Chow movies even if I might not get all the jokes lost in translation. I am definitely looking for more people and things to appreciate, so I’m very much excited about the start of the ALC program. In the meanwhile, may the Force be with you all!

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Christian Ollano : Claude Buss Fellow/Stanford Host

Greeting ALC participants!  My name is Christian Ollano, and I am a rising sophomore here at Stanford contemplating on a major in Architectural Design and/or Science, Technology and Society. I was born in the Philippines and moved here to the United States when I was four years old, so I basically spent almost all my childhood growing up in the America. I have great interest in studying foreign cultures, and am looking forward to interacting with everyone in the ALC program. I am currently taking Japanese and have fallen in love with both the language and the cultural traditions, especially having seen the drama Hana Yori Dango! Here at Stanford, I am heavily involved with the Pilipino American Student Union, striving to help out the Filipino community through workshops, event planning, and community service. I am also a part of ASES, the Asia-Pacific Student Entrepreneurship Society, which aims to provide opportunities for students with entrepreneurial prospects and interests with an Asian twist. My time here at Stanford, and America, is something I truly cherish, and I hope to share my knowledge and experiences with everyone in the program.

In addition to my academics, I have a passion for a number of interests and hobbies. I am currently a tenor for Testimony A Cappella because I love to sing. Singing might actually be a side job for me in the future as I do it almost every chance I can get. I love the arts, performance and creative, and am an avid audience member for a number of Stanford's arts events and concerts. Also, I am a member of Stanford Wushu, which has helped me develop discipline and a respect for martial arts. 

I am looking forward to meeting everyone during the summer, exchanging cultural traditions, and learning from all of your amazing backgrounds and experiences.


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