Connecting Participants with Silicon Valley

ALC 2016 participants at Google

During the second week of the ALC program, students visited companies in Silicon Valley, and participated in some volunteer work in local communities.

So far, students have visited Udemy, Google, and Blippar. All visits were great because students ALC 2016 group at SurveyMonkeywere able to not only see the companies, but also had the chance to talk with employees. It was helpful for students to better understand each company’s culture and values. We hope that these experiences widen their perspectives on future careers and help their decision-making skills.

For example, at Google, six wonderful panelists shared their experiences at Google and their advice on how to achieve success in the workplace and as adults. Their words were powerful and inspirational; they were living examples of how to “do what you love,” and “be persistent and not let anything stop you.” After the panel, we had the chance to talk with Googlers in groups of three to four students. We were grateful that they were genuinely interested in our stories and willing to help us. A student who visited Google told me, “It has been always a dream to visit and work at Google – I feel very happy and motivated after talking with Googlers who genuinely enjoyed their work and are passionate to change the world.”

ALC 2016 - Food Not Bombs GroupStudents also volunteered at programs such as the Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP), Sutro Stewards, Food Not Bombs, Glide Memorial, and Loaves & Fishes. These experiences were also meaningful for participants, as they were able to see diverse aspects of American lives and gained new perspectives on how to better serve their communities.

The second week also involved many fun activities like basketball, baking, watching movies, hiking, and going to Great America. Students enjoyed their time and made good friends with more people from different backgrounds.