Global Leadership & Engagement in Silicon Valley

GLE Participants


This program has been discontinued. We recommend you consider the Exploring Social Innovation Program in Silicon Valley, or the Indonesia Summer Immersion Internship.

The Global Leadership & Engagement (GLE) program will convene students from across Asia to learn and share their perspectives on pressing global challenges. During this immersive experience, participants will visit innovative organizations tackling complex social issues, join exciting workshops to develop leadership skills and design a website to share with their community.






To get a better idea of the program’s daily activities, view our February 2015 GLE program schedule below: GLE schedule example



GLE Testimonial Yocky

“I felt I woke up from the boring university life. It may feel unrealistic for some students to discuss social and global issues such as poverty, women empowerment, but this is the time you get to feel that you are connected to this world. It’s good to be realistic, but there always need to be something that we are willing to believe in and make a change. I am not saying I am going to devote all my life on social issue, but I can do something that makes everybody better off while making a living. There are so many people fighting for different things and we are so lucky to be here.” – Yocky



GLE Testimonial Linh“During the journey I visited new organizations which are solving complex issues, met new friends and learnt new things from them almost everyday.” – Linh Read more about Linh’s journey on his website



GLE Testimonial Leo午前中に路上生活を送る人々が多くいる地区を4時間歩き回り、午後に生活を立て直したい人々がウェイター等として働き、2年で社会復帰を果たすプログラムを実行しているデランシーストリートを訪れた日がありました。 午前中、はじめはおそるおそる彼らと接していましたが、徐々に皆がそれぞれのストーリーを持っているという当たり前の事実に気づき、貧困問題に対する当事者意識に近いものを持てるようになりました。そして午後にそれに取り組む画期的なプログラムを間に受け深く感銘を受け、リーダーシップを持つ上で「共感する」ということが不可欠だということを学びました! – Leo