Social Innovation & Design-Thinking

VIA believes in the transformative power of innovation to turn our most challenging social issues into opportunities for creating a brighter future. Through short cross-cultural and immersion trips, participants can experience the possibility of a better world by visiting social enterprises, learning the skills to create their own innovations for social good and creating a strong network of international changemakers.


Exploring Social Innovation

Program Dates: February 7-15, 2022 (US Time) | February 8-16, 2022 (Asia Time)
Open to: Students & starting professionals from Asia & the US (must be 18 or older)
Location: Virtual
Application Deadline: Round 1: Nov 15 (Asia Time) | Round 2: Dec 13 (Asia Time) | Rikkyo: Nov 8 (Japan Time) | Meiji: Nov 30 (Japan Time)