Program Coordinator

Position Summary

Coordinators play a critical role in supporting and training future social impact leaders. They support teams from Asia and the US participating in the Social Impact Leadership Accelerator to develop social impact projects that address a need in their local communities and thereby contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Coordinators who successfully fulfill their role for the Accelerator Program may be given preferential consideration for the VIA Global Community Fellowship (GCF), which utilizes many of the same skills as the Accelerator Coordinator role, but in an on-site position at a community-based organization in Asia. Learn more about GCF here.

Skills you’ll develop as a coordinator

  • Mentorship – Develop mentoring relationships with leaders; integrate into teams to give feedback, share resources, and connect to new networks;
  • Facilitation – Learn how to facilitate interactive virtual sessions with both individual teams and the entire cohort
  • Project management – Learn useful tools like Program Logic Models and needfinding tools; help ensure that teams achieve their project development milestones
  • Cross-cultural Skills – Learn about social impact initiatives in a new cultural context
  • Team development – Learn how to support teams through conflict and work alongside a dynamic group of fellow coordinators and VIA staff
  • Sustainability – Learn how to think critically about the three pillars of sustainability (people, planet, profit) in the context of social impact initiatives
  • Virtual Work Skills – Learn how to build relationships in a virtual and distributed environment; Help teams manage time effectively when accommodating different time zones and work styles; use tools for effective remote work (Slack, content & community building platforms, etc.)
  • Recruitment – Learn how to assess applicants to ensure a strong and diverse cohort


Position Responsibilities

  • Serve as a Coordinator for at least two accelerator teams.
  • Attend and facilitate meetings with leaders, VIA staff, and Coordinator team members approximately 3-4 times per month. Calls with the full cohort are pre-scheduled, and all other meetings are scheduled as best suits participants, Coordinators, and staff schedules. Calls may occur before, during, or after regular business hours in order to accommodate times zones across the US and Asia.
  • For training purposes, complete a “crash course” of the accelerator to learn how to effectively use the social impact project development tools and strategies in advance of program launch.
  • Participate in recruitment of accelerator teams including reviewing applications, participating in group interviews, and contributing to final selection of teams.
  • Moderate and help teams design their culminating Speaker Series events to highlight the teams’ social impact project.
  • Provide written feedback to teams’ submissions on the online community-building platform.
  • Contribute to VIA’s research efforts by providing reflections on participant learning outcomes and content delivery methods.
  • Design and facilitate the post-program celebration call to recognize participants for their successful completion of the accelerator program.
  • Communicate with participants and VIA staff in a timely manner via relevant online platforms.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Flexible and willing to support the Coordinator team and participants with unexpected changes.
  • Strong organizational skills; ability to work independently and in a team.
  • Ability to serve as an effective bridge between program participants and VIA staff.
  • An interest in training and supporting future social impact leaders.
  • Strong interest in and/or experience working with social issues/social entrepreneurship in Asia or the US.
  • Fluent in English and comfortable with supporting English language learners. Non-native English speakers are welcome and encouraged to apply.
  • Strong oral and written communicator, especially in cross-cultural contexts.
  • Experience acting as an advisor, mentor, coach, or group leader.
  • Access to a computer, webcam, speaker, microphone, and high-speed internet access that enables you to communicate with others via video call. VIA does not supply or reimburse Coordinators for these items.

Timeline & Logistics

All dates and times listed are in US Pacific time.

Coordinator Application Timeline

  • October 11: Priority Application Deadline
  • October 25: Final Application Deadline
  • October 26 – November 5: Coordinator Application Review & Interviews
  • November 6: Acceptance Notification
  • November 13: Participation Confirmation Deadline
  • November 16-20: Coordinator Team Kickoff Call
  • November 30 – December 4: Participant Interview Training and Preparation Call  (with Coordinator Team)
  • December 7 – January 8: Participant Application Review & Interviews (with Social Impact Leadership Accelerator applicants and VIA staff)
  • January 8-31: Coordinator Training

Spring 2021 Social Impact Leadership Accelerator Program Timeline

Coordinators must be available for all program calls:

  • 1/29 @ 5 pm PST – All-Cohort Call #1
  • 2/19 @ 5 pm PST  – All-Cohort Call #2
  • 3/12 @ 5 pm PST – All-Cohort Call #3
  • 4/9 @ 6 pm PDT – All-Cohort Call #4
  • 5/21 @ 6 pm PDT – All-Cohort Call #5
  • 6/18-26 @ TBD- Speaker Series Events
How to Apply: Click the blue APPLY button to complete the online application form. You may provide a resume and/or LinkedIn profile link. There are several short essay questions. Successful applicants will be invited to a 30-minute interview on Zoom with a VIA staff member, followed by a group interview. Direct questions to Yuki Ueda, Program Director, at yuki|at|viaprograms.org.