Global Health Fellowship

Position Summary

Over the last 25 years, VIA has hosted more than 750 aspiring health care professionals from across Asia in Silicon Valley for the EHC Program. Participants learn innovation in health care, meet practitioners representing diverse perspectives, make international friends, and reflect on their personal and professional goals. Although this summer’s program will be virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are excited about the innovative possibilities for a virtual EHC (learn more about the virtual EHC program).

Our objectives for this new virtual version of EHC are:

  • To design and implement a program where the virtual format is a plus, not a minus
  • To utilize COVID-19 as a lens to explore health care and social issues in the US and abroad
  • To deliver an authentic VIA experience for participants that focuses on building community, peer learning, self-reflection, and personal and professional growth

Our Vision for the Global Health Fellows’ Role

VIA aspires to support and enable Global Health Fellows in strengthening their own program planning, facilitation, and peer mentorship skills to support and inspire the next generation of globally competent health care professionals.

​​​The Fellows will assist in recruiting participants from their home communities, be the primary contact for participants, be a leader and mentor during the Exploring Health Care program, and maintain connections with VIA alumni. This position is an opportunity for VIA alumni to develop professional recruitment, leadership, training, presentation, and virtual facilitation skills through program orientation and implementation. They will provide support to participants in learning key concepts, and developing a community before, during, and after the program. Fellows will also receive training on facilitation skills as well as feedback to help them improve their own training ability.

Core Responsibilities

Before the Program

  • Support recruiting participants from Japan, mainland China, Taiwan, and other regions
  • Plan program activities, including energizers, presentations, and workshops

During the Program

  • Observe participants and collect feedback through discussions and reflection sessions
  • Lead / co-lead energizers, workshops, and small group discussions
  • Provide support for participants; serve as the primary facilitator for teams (4-5 participants per team)
  • Act as a bridge between VIA staff and participants
  • Document and post program activities and experiences (photos, videos, social media)

After the Program

  • Participate in EHC program reflection and synthesis with staff
  • Write a personal reflection on your experience as a fellow
  • Strengthen the Fellow role by providing feedback
  • Support the search for next year’s Fellowship cohort
  • Leverage the VIA Alumni Network as you continue your journey as a healthcare professional

Required Qualifications

  • Strong organizational skills; ability to work independently and in a team
  • Ability to serve as an effective bridge between program participants and VIA staff during the program
  • Experience with past VIA programs and dedication to program goals
  • An interest in training and supporting future changemakers
  • Strong interest and/or experience working with social issues
  • Experience or strong interest in designing and facilitating virtual programs
  • Comfortable discussing complex issues in English; willing to promote the use of English during the program
  • Background in PR and event management; experience with social media and promotional tools


For this volunteer position, VIA will provide an official thank you letter upon successful completion of your responsibilities, stating the number of volunteer hours and the types of tasks completed. We are also happy to provide letters of recommendation based on your performance as a Global Health Fellow.

How to Apply: Click the blue Apply button and fill out the application form by May 2 (US Time) / May 3 (Asia Time) for priority consideration. Applicants who pass the initial screening will be invited to participate in an interview on Zoom after the deadline.