Leadership Program Launches in Thailand

GLE Thailand participants share their cultures

Sharing Cultures

On the very first day of Global Leadership and Engagement Program 2016 in Thailand, we got an opportunity to travel around Thailand, taste all the local food and learn more about Thai taboos, religions and so on from the presentation by the GLE program’s Thai intern – Nook. Apparently, not only the participants but also Christy, the program director, are attracted by Thailand’s beautiful landscapes, friendly people, and tasty cuisine.

After the presentation, we spent time learning how to say, “thank you,” “How are you?” and “I’m fine” in Thai, Vietnamese and Burmese. Christy asked us to imagine we were at a party and to speak to each other in the three languages. Yeko, my new Burmese friend, laughed a lot during the activity and the others seems to enjoy it so much. It is a beautiful and successful beginning for us. Sa-was-dee-ka!