Cynthia R. Jaggi, MSc

Gatherwell, Founder/CEO | Living Economy Advisors, Co-Founder/Partner

Cynthia Jaggi is on a global mission to have every business help humanity while it grows. She is the Founder of Gatherwell, helping every business be a business for good, and Co-Founder of Living Economy Advisors, accelerating the world’s transition to a living economy. Based on more then 15 years working with organizations from Fortune 500s to start-ups, she brings a unique mix of hard core analytics, clear-eyed vision and the science of well-being to dreamers and doers who have the courage to build unflinchingly unique and gloriously one-of-a-kind businesses and lives. Her ideas and writing have been featured on Business Insider, Idealist, and the Inter-American Development Bank, among others. She brings an international perspective having lived in Denmark, Jerusalem and China, and now splitting her time between the San Francisco Bay Area, US and Bern, Switzerland. She is proud to have supported VIA for many years in a variety of capacities related to leadership development, entrepreneurship and social innovation.