Alex Brinas | International School of Asia, Karuizawa – Japan

Alex Brinas

Born and raised in New York, Alex recently graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Product Design Engineering. While much of her background is in managing and designing physical products and hand-making things, she’s also really drawn to cross-cultural social change, especially in education. Growing up, she always had a soft spot for Japanese culture, and in college, she spent half a year studying and working in Japan. Her passion for Japan has evolved into an eagerness to explore Asia-U.S. collaboration, and she was lucky enough to have the chance to co-lead VIA’s DSI program last year.

Overall, Alex is still figuring out how to craft her life path, but she does know that she wants to somehow combine her loves of design and cross-cultural education to create meaningful things that inspire the world’s youth. This super awesome opportunity to be a fellow at ISAK is at the crux of what she’s excited about – she’s eager, nervous, and stoked all at the same time for the journey ahead.