Joanna Kraut

CFO, Director of Finance & Administration

Although she began her career in the for-profit sector, Joanna started volunteering as a finance and accounting consultant for nonprofits after a friend asked for assistance with a new nonprofit venture. While completing her MBA coursework, Joanna partook in a study abroad program in Beijing and Hong Kong where she studied international economics and cross-cultural relations. The opportunity to explore the Asian market through immersion provided a deeper understanding and appreciation than she had experienced in any lecture room. This experience inspired a desire to find a career with an organization that encouraged and fostered this same type of learning.

Joanna is the CFO, Director of Finance & Administration at VIA where she manages the finance, HR, IT, and administrative departments. Additionally, she serves as a member of the Techbridge Girls finance committee to assist with the strategy and regular review of the organization’s overall financial health. She also continues to volunteer as a pro bono financial consultant with the Taproot Foundation, assisting nonprofit organizations to develop and implement new accounting structures and processes, track grant revenue and spend, and establish effective GAAP compliant accounting procedures.

Pro bono financial consulting for the nonprofit sector sparked Joanna’s interest in supporting and fostering financial understanding across the industry. With a passion for educating nonprofits for a stronger sense of financial literacy, Joanna has been invited to speaking engagements regarding the unique needs and challenges of the nonprofit industry, including financial analysis, technical accounting aspects, and compliance.