You&Me – Boosting the Confidence of Ethnic Myanmar Girls

Har Khaw Dee, one of ESI’s first participants from Myanmar shares her passion for education as a Warden at the Phaung Daw Oo Monastic School (PDO) where she supports 186 girls from different regions in Myanmar, some of them even coming from areas of civil war. Although many of these girls age 5-16 are struggling with poverty and loss of confidence, Khaw Dee sees their potential and is dedicated to seeing them grow fully into themselves and achieve all that they’re capable of.

During ESI, Khaw Dee shared her own story of why she chose her career path to the group of changemakers across Asia during the ESI tradition event, V-talks–the V stands for VIA, and is originally inspired by the famed TED talks. Back in Myanmar, she is planning to reuse this V-Talk format to encourage her girls to share their stories with her and each other. She is calling this the “You & Me” program, which will start with her 9th grade girls, and be held every Sunday evening, where each girl will have a chance to share about their families, challenges, views and other aspects of themselves that they’ve been a bit shy to reveal so far.

Take a look at Khaw Dee’s first V-talk below and look forward to future updates from her bright young girls and the You & Me program!