VIA Alumni Committees in Asia

VIA Alumni Committees in mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan hold regular events in Asia, serving prospective participants and alumni of VIA’s Silicon Valley Programs.

The Beijing Alumni Committee (BAC) has a particular focus on VIA alumni from American Language & Culture (ALC) program. In order to further VIA’s mission of cross-cultural exchange and public service between the US and Asia, the committee supports ongoing involvement of the alumni community by assisting in recruitment and pre-departure training for new ALC participants, organizing annual alumni gatherings, and providing a local student support network for Stanford students who come to study in Beijing.

Taiwan Alumni CommitteeThe Taiwan Alumni Committee (TAC), headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is an official alumni association of VIA. Since 2008, TAC has been organized and run by a group of passionate Taiwanese VIA alumni. TAC’s mission is to celebrate and develop friendships among alumni who share fond memories from their VIA program experience at Stanford. TAC members devote themselves to participating in regular volunteer work in Taiwan to bring warmth and love to society. TAC also aims to foster intercultural interaction and strengthen the power of networking among VIA alumni beyond Taiwan. The Taiwanese Business & Culture (TBC) Program in 2011 was organized to meet this goal. TAC appreciates the support of VIA and Professor Hsiou-wei Lin at National Taiwan University. We are also thankful for the experience working with and the precious friendship of the Japan Alumni Committee (JAC).

Japan Alumni CommitteeThe Japan Alumni Committee (JAC), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is an official alumni association of VIA. The mission of JAC is to have potential VIA program participants and VIA alumni:

  • Broaden their perspectives cross-culturally
  • Appreciate the importance and power of friendship, and
  • Nurture a sense of caring for themselves, others and society by providing opportunities for students to participate in cross-cultural programs and providing VIA alumni opportunities for lifelong learning.

JAC has been supported by a large number of alumni and staff of VIA since its foundation. Particularly, we would like to give special thanks to Kazutoh Ishida, VIA’s Senior Silicon Valley Programs Director, for his generous support for JAC and its activities; and to Dwight Clark, founder of VIA, for his lifelong dedication to seeing our experiences at Stanford become unforgettable.

Japan Next VIA Next Innovators was founded by students who completed social innovation themed programs offered by VIA. In partnership with VIA, VIA Next Innovators aims at developing a network of social innovators that will help our society and people reach their potentials. By taking such actions, we are committed to contributing to our global society.