The VIA community, including volunteers, participants, staff, and advisors, actively contribute to a wide range of fields as educators, researchers, and practitioners. If you are a member of the VIA community and would like to share your work on this list, please contact us.

  Eric Almquist – VIA Volunteer in Macau, 1969

  • The Elements of Value, Harvard Business Review
  • The B2B Elements of Value, Harvard Business Review

  John Ambler – VIA Volunteer in Indonesia, 1975

  Christopher Gerteis, PhD – VIA Volunteer in Japan, 1989

Timothy George, PhD – VIA Volunteer in Japan, 1976, and China, 1980

June Gordon, PhD – VIA Volunteer in Taiwan, 1970

  • 2008 Japan’s Outcaste Youth: Education for Liberation (Author)
  • 2010 Challenges to Japanese Education: Economics, Reform, and Human Rights (Lead Editor)
  • 2015 “Transformative Pedagogy in Preparing Teachers through the Study of Immigrant Experiences.” Chapter 3 in Kevin M. Larkin, Marta Kawka, Karen Noble, Henriette van Renssburg, Lyn Brodie, Patrick Alan Danaher (Editors), Empowering Educators: Proven Principles and Successful Strategies, New York: PalgraveMacmillan.
  • 2015 “The Importance of Nonformal Education in the Success of Dowa Education.” Chapter 3 in Kaori H. Okano (Editor), Nonformal Education and Civil Society in Japan, (pp. 35-52). New York: Routledge.
  • 2015 “Stand by Me: Empowerment of Immigrant Youth in Urban Japan.” Chapter 14 in Sheri Bastien and Halla B. Holmarsdottir (Editors) Youth ‘At the Margins’: Critical Perspectives and Experiences of Engaging Youth in Research Worldwide (pp. 277-298.), Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  • 2014 “A Global Concern: Creating a Diverse Teaching Force for Marginalised Communities – In Japan, the UK, the United States, China and Bhutan.” Chapter 2 in Marie-Pierre Moreau (Editor), Inequalities in the Teaching Profession: A Global Perspective, (pp.27-49). New York: PalgraveMacmillan.
  • 2014 “Understanding the Cultural Legacy of Chinese Students.” Chapter 2 in  Wen Ma and Chuang Wang (Co-Editors), Learner’s Privilege and Responsibility: A Critical Examination of Chinese Students’ Experiences and Perspectives, (pp. 13-29). Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing.
  • 2013 “Nikkei and Japan’s Enduring Cultural Inequities.” Chapter 8 in G. DeKoker and C. Bjork (Editors), Japanese Education in an Era of Globalization: Culture, Politics, and Equity, (115-130). New York: Teachers College Press.



Sandra Teresa Hyde, PhD, MPH – VIA Volunteer in China, 1983

Kazutoh Ishida, PhD – American Language & Culture Program participant, 1991; VIA Executive Director

Takanori Kashino – Exploring Social Innovation Program participant, 2012, 2013; American Language & Culture Program participant, 2016; Educator Exchange participant 2020

Eric Larson, MD – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1968

Read an interview with Dr. Larson our blog.

Peter Love – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1964; the Philippines, 1968

Takayuki Oshimi, MD – Advisor for VIA Medical Programs

Frances Pordes – VIA Volunteer in China, 1985

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes – VIA Volunteer in Japan, 1994

Joel Stratte-McClure – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1967

Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci, PhD – American Culture & Society Program participant, 2001

Read an interview with Aiko on our blog.

James Thomas, MD – Advisor for VIA Medical Programs

Takamasa Totsuka – American Language & Culture Program participant, 1993

Sasha Welland – China Volunteer, 1992

Martti Vallila – VIA Volunteer in the Philippines, 1971

Read an interview with Martti on our blog.