The VIA community, including volunteers, participants, staff, and advisors, actively contribute to a wide range of fields as educators, researchers, and practitioners. If you are a member of the VIA community and would like to share your work on this list, please contact us.

All images used with permission from the authors

  Eric Almquist – VIA Volunteer in Macau, 1969

  • The Elements of Value, Harvard Business Review
  • The B2B Elements of Value, Harvard Business Review

  John Ambler – VIA Volunteer in Indonesia, 1975

  Greyson Bryan – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1969

“[A]n ambitious, globe-crossing narrative of interconnected lives and loves… Bryan dramatizes the ways that cultural capital can help build lifelong connections that teach us how we deal with ourselves and those outside our experience.” –Booklife 

  Christopher Gerteis, PhD – VIA Volunteer in Japan, 1989

Timothy George, PhD – VIA Volunteer in Japan, 1976, and China, 1980

June Gordon, PhD – VIA Volunteer in Taiwan, 1970

  • 2008 Japan’s Outcaste Youth: Education for Liberation (Author)
  • 2010 Challenges to Japanese Education: Economics, Reform, and Human Rights (Lead Editor)
  • 2015 “Transformative Pedagogy in Preparing Teachers through the Study of Immigrant Experiences.” Chapter 3 in Kevin M. Larkin, Marta Kawka, Karen Noble, Henriette van Renssburg, Lyn Brodie, Patrick Alan Danaher (Editors), Empowering Educators: Proven Principles and Successful Strategies, New York: PalgraveMacmillan.
  • 2015 “The Importance of Nonformal Education in the Success of Dowa Education.” Chapter 3 in Kaori H. Okano (Editor), Nonformal Education and Civil Society in Japan, (pp. 35-52). New York: Routledge.
  • 2015 “Stand by Me: Empowerment of Immigrant Youth in Urban Japan.” Chapter 14 in Sheri Bastien and Halla B. Holmarsdottir (Editors) Youth ‘At the Margins’: Critical Perspectives and Experiences of Engaging Youth in Research Worldwide (pp. 277-298.), Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.
  • 2014 “A Global Concern: Creating a Diverse Teaching Force for Marginalised Communities – In Japan, the UK, the United States, China and Bhutan.” Chapter 2 in Marie-Pierre Moreau (Editor), Inequalities in the Teaching Profession: A Global Perspective, (pp.27-49). New York: PalgraveMacmillan.
  • 2014 “Understanding the Cultural Legacy of Chinese Students.” Chapter 2 in  Wen Ma and Chuang Wang (Co-Editors), Learner’s Privilege and Responsibility: A Critical Examination of Chinese Students’ Experiences and Perspectives, (pp. 13-29). Charlotte, N.C.: Information Age Publishing.
  • 2013 “Nikkei and Japan’s Enduring Cultural Inequities.” Chapter 8 in G. DeKoker and C. Bjork (Editors), Japanese Education in an Era of Globalization: Culture, Politics, and Equity, (115-130). New York: Teachers College Press.



Sandra Teresa Hyde, PhD, MPH – VIA Volunteer in China, 1983

Kazutoh Ishida, PhD – American Language & Culture Program participant, 1991; VIA Executive Director

Takanori Kashino – Exploring Social Innovation Program participant, 2012, 2013; American Language & Culture Program participant, 2016; Educator Exchange participant 2020

Takuya Kimura, PhD – American Language & Culture Program participant, 1997; Kyushu University Professor

Eric Larson, MD – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1968

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Peter Love – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1964; the Philippines, 1968

Diane Niblack Fox – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1967; Vietnam, 1991

Takayuki Oshimi, MD – Advisor for VIA Medical Programs

Frances Pordes – VIA Volunteer in China, 1985

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes – VIA Volunteer in Japan, 1994

Joel Stratte-McClure – VIA Volunteer in Hong Kong, 1967

Aiko Takeuchi-Demirci, PhD – American Culture & Society Program participant, 2001

Read an interview with Aiko on our blog.

James Thomas, MD – Advisor for VIA Medical Programs

Takamasa Totsuka – American Language & Culture Program participant, 1993

Sasha Welland – China Volunteer, 1992

Martti Vallila – VIA Volunteer in the Philippines, 1971

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