Our Mission

Mission Statement

VIA provides innovative experiential learning programs in Asia and the United States that promote cross-cultural understanding, build partnerships, and offer transformative experiences for our participants and the communities they serve.

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2020 Vision: A Global Ecosystem of Changemakers

In 2015, VIA launched its new strategic plan—VIA 2020—to create a global community of changemakers collaboratively addressing humanity’s’ most pressing challenges.

To achieve this vision, VIA is building a web of interconnected, collaborative “changemaker hubs” in Asia and the US, which serve to integrate, expand and deepen all aspects of the VIA experience. Leveraging the dynamic synergy of these hubs, VIA programs will further strengthen Asia’s vibrant and growing NGO scene; enrich and expand the transformative experience of our Fellows; and harness the knowledge and expertise of Via’s growing, global alumni community.

VIA 2020 Program Development

All of our programs focus on developing leadership, cross-cultural communication, and creative problem-solving skills to address global challenges.

VIA 2020 Ecosystem Strategy

By strengthening the connections between our Asia and US programs, participants and alumni will have greater access to mentorship, networking, professional development, and leadership opportunities across borders.