Course Timeline

There will be three weekly 2-hour calls in March. In April and May, six 2-hour calls will be held on a roughly bi-weekly schedule. At least one team member should attend; all team members are highly encouraged to attend all calls.

All-Cohort Calls* (all in US Pacific Time)

*Dates are tentative and subject to change

  • March 15, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • March 22, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • March 29, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • 3-week holiday break
  • April 26, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • May 3, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • May 10, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • May 17, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • 1-week break for teams to work on their projects and assignments independently
  • May 31, 7pm-9pm PDT
  • June 7/8: Social Impact Leadership Conference – Accelerator teams will present their projects as part of a Speaker Series during the conference. Team members are encouraged to attend other conference sessions as well.
  • June 14, 7pm-9pm PDT: Celebration Call