Expand your Boundaries


China Leadership Youth

What do you want to do in the future? Many of our participants are searching for a meaningful answer to that question, and that search leads them to VIA. We focus on building our participants’ leadership, cross-cultural communication, and creative problem-solving skills to address social problems and challenges in the US and Asia. By connecting with with a network of peers across the Pacific, VIA participants discover their potential and their passion for sustaining a lifetime of positive impact as global changemakers.

Programs in Asia



Global Community Fellowship

The Global Community Fellowship is a one-year placement at a school or NGO in Asia. This fellowship is open to US university graduates and professionals (must have a bachelor’s degree). US citizenship or residency is a requirement for most placements.

Programs in Silicon Valley


American Language & Culture

Via’s American Language & Culture program combines academic English classes with educational activities aimed at exploring contemporary American culture. English classes are offered by the Stanford Language Center, and are designed to improve students’ oral communication in English while providing analysis of a variety of sociocultural issues especially in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area.


Culture & Innovation in Health Care

VIA’s comparative health care programs empower medical students from across Asia to become empathetic, self-aware doctors able to communicate across boundaries. Programs combine cultural immersion, critical analysis and experiential learning activities with opportunities to experience the clinical, technological and entrepreneurial forces dramatically reshaping health care in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Social Innovation & Design-Thinking

VIA believes in the transformative power of innovation to turn our most challenging social issues into opportunities for creating a brighter future. Through short cross-cultural and immersion trips, participants can experience the possibility of a better world by visiting social enterprises, learning the skills to create their own innovations for social good and creating a strong network of international changemakers.