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About VIA

VIA (formerly Volunteers in Asia) is a private, non-profit, non-religious organization dedicated to increasing understanding between the United States and Asia through service and education. Since 1963, our Asia Programs have provided U.S. Residents with an opportunity to work and live within an Asian culture while meeting the needs of Asian host institutions. We currently offer long-term and summer programs in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Our Silicon Valley Programs offer a wide range of short-term, international study programs between the U.S. and Asia and among various Asian nations. We currently offer two short-term spring programs and three summer programs for students focused on a variety of themes, including language and culture, global leaderhip, social innovation, and healthcare.


We are supported by a combination of individual contributions, corporate and foundation grants, and in-kind donations. Over the years VIA has also been involved in various other cross-cultural endeavors, including an appropriate technology project and a travel company.


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