My 100 Greatest Teachers

Rachel Wisthuff currently volunteers as an English Teacher at Universitas Muhamadiyah Solo in Surakarta, Indonesia.

Rachel W Blog 300x225

Rachel's classroom at UMS in Surakarta

When I walk into class on Wednesday mornings, this is what faces me. Dun…Dun…Dun…

My first day with my Speaking III students, I had no idea how I was going to get this many teenagers to pay attention, let alone speak up.  But, over these past 6 weeks, they have both surprised me and surprised themselves.

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Rachel with 24 of her best teachers

What I didn’t know before arriving at my post is that Speaking III is a debate class and nothing gets a class talking more than challenging and arguing with their fellow classmates. So far, they’ve debated about the legality of torture, nuclear proliferation, and mandatory sex education. Every week I observe as my students’ nerves and shyness subside. Not only am I proud to teach them, but I am proud to learn from them. Need well-researched information on current events, political, and social issues? Look no further than these individuals.

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